To create this vitamin, I drew inspiration from a traditional Indian recipe called ” lassi,” made from  yogurt . The basis of Fru-fruit version of this delight is the  coconut milk , which combines perfectly with the sleeve and let the drink with  what  tropical.


Lactose-Free Mango Vitamin (Vegan Lassi) |  Recipe |  Pati Bianco |  Fru-fruit

The drink is very tasty, does not need any sweetener and is  super-refreshing . To give that light mild acidity of the yogurt, I added a bit of lemon, and the touch of  cardamom  makes it even more special. This delight is perfect to make your summer more yummy and healthy!

The recipe you find in  Dani Noce Recipes (eg I Could Kill For Dessert) blog of which I am a collaborator! 

Click here to see the recipe!

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